maggie lee
shirt and pants  Moses Gauntlett Cheng , ring  the Vernacular archive

shirt and pants Moses Gauntlett Cheng, ring the Vernacular archive


What is your first memory? 

Being born.


What do you do when you are alone? 

Look out the window, listen to music, twirl in my room.


What is something you lost recently? 

My favorite burgundy flannel blouse with small ruffles from 2006 that I accidentally sold to Beacons Closet, cry.


What is the last song that you listened to?

ART & Language “Ratman, The Weight Watcher”


What movie could you watch over and over again? 

NERVE or anything by Argento


What makes you laugh?

One time we were at The Cock, a gay bar, our two friends were fighting, my friend Alex and I were like little babies sitting along the wall drinking whiskey soda and begging them to stop. “We need you two, you are our friends!!"


What makes you cry? 

Reading the news.


What are you trying to be better at? 

Responding to emails, ah! I put everything aside when I need to focus on art.


What do you fear the most? 

Watch “Charmed” Episode: From Fear to Eternity


What was your last dream? 

Riding a motorcycle.


t-shirt  tV archive ,   skirt   Les Animaux

t-shirt tV archiveskirt Les Animaux




What time is it? 

1:43 am


Where are you? 

NYC, deee-lite, DEEE-LITE!


Where would you run away to? 

I would read those articles in Seventeen magazine about runaways. I imagined myself with my thumb out and one leg on the side of the street, hitch hiking, running away to NYC. By the time I finished my daydream, I would be in tears.


What keeps you up at night? 

MTV's “Subterranean”


What side of the bed do you sleep on? 

I twist.


dress   Les Animaux,  earrings  double disco ,  bodysuit and boots  tV archive

dress Les Animaux, earrings double discobodysuit and boots tV archive


When is the last time that you danced? 

Listening to Grimes “Butterfly” on my headphones on Centre St. walking to Museum of Chinese in America.


What does punk mean to you? 

Zines, community, justice.


What makes you dizzy? 

In 8th grade, I was in my best friend's room, it was a wood paneled basement with 311 posters and a PS1. I smoked weed for the first time and was like, it didn't work. So I smoked a whole blunt. All the drawings and quotes written on the ceiling became animated.


What is your favorite sound? 

Jealous heart by Flower Electronics, Jessica Rylan.


What scent reminds you of home? 

Suburban grass


What word do you write most in your diary? 

“My crush”


What could you not leave behind, if your room was flooding? 

My hard drives.


Who is your celebrity crush? 

Mindy Veil


What color are your nails? 

A silver pearl color


What is your mood, according to your mood ring? 

Stand up Comic, I love Mondo Mondo.


What is your favorite flower? 

Right now, long stem calla lily dyed black.


What is the story of Yellow Duck? 

It’s a story about my mom when she was little, swimming in the Yangtze river with her family, but playing too long, almost getting left behind, being the last duck on the boat and then getting spanked.


Who is Gigi? 

A 20 something wanna be art star, student in 2006.


Where is Daddy? 

In Taiwan. I’m going to see him in three days, for the first time since I was four.


Do you believe in second chances? 

Oui, let's boogie!

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Visit Maggie Lee's solo exhibition "Gigi's Underground" 


356 S. Mission Road

Ooga Twooga

 Los Angeles

September 24, 2016 — November 27, 2016


"Gigi's Underground" is a fictional story about a 25 year old artist in the underground.

It is her life, her environment, and a place where her ideas develop.